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Every Man Challenge 2020

Brad Lowell Every Man Challenge Ultra4 2020
Brad Lowell Every Man Challenge Ultra4 2020

Among all the races that take place during King Of the Hammers week, I enjoy the Every Man Challenge just as much as the Ultra4 race. Indeed there are mixed the different classes: Stock, Modified and Legend.

Every Man Challenge a high level race

On the program a loop in the desert then the traditional succession of trail: Backdoor, Jack Hammer, Sledge Hammer, Chocolate Thunder etc, for a total of 143 miles to cover for the 122 entrants. The difficulty is such that only 38 4 × 4 will cross the finish line on time. Rarely has an Every Challenge race been contested so much. The first three, in general, are held in a pocket handkerchief, less than 5 minutes separate them. In the end, Brad Lowell won the EMC ahead of Seth Van Dyke and Levi Shirley. These three pilots are in the 4800 class.

Brad Lovell
Brad Lovell

For the modified class, Dan Fresh (5th overall) is on the first place on the podium followed by Jimmy and Amy Jack (10th overall) and the Jeep tribe 16 with Matt Howell at the wheel finishes in third place.

Dan Fresh
Dan Fresh

In the smallest of the classes but certainly the most valuable it is the Mahindra of Jesse Haines who wins his class followed by Jon Schaefer and Josh Atteberry on Jeep grand Cherokee

Jesse Haines
Jesse Haines

The different classes of the Every Man Challenge

Stock Class 4600

En gros un véhicule de série qui doit garder sa carrosserie et son moteur / boîte / direction d’origine mais dont on peut changer les suspensions (dans un cadre strict, on garde les ancrages d’origine) et les ponts. Taille maxi de 35″ pour les pneus.

Modified Class 4500

The majority of the chassis must be original, engine choice, and modifications on the bodywork. Tires in 37 max, no hydraulic steering.

Legend 4800 class

A small Ultra4 but a shock absorber per wheel, rigid bridges and no engine at the rear.

Admittedly all these vehicles are not at the level of the tenors of the class Unlimited of Ultra4, but, they do not have of it less merit about it.


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