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king Of the Hammers 2020

big b king of the hammers 2020
big b king of the hammers 2020

Like every year for several years, at the end of January I take off for California to follow the wildest week of the year at the King Of the Hammers. And even if I’m supposed to be used to it, every time I am always amazed by all these races and the incredible energy that comes from it. On the program, UTV race, Every Man Challenge, Shoutout with bouncers, Moto race, Toyoa Desert Invitational (Desert Trucks race) and obviously Ultra4 Unlimited King Of the Hammers.

King Of the Hammers 2020 a race full of surprises

To say that the battle was tough is an understatement. Already during qualifying, all the pilots are on the block and some even go to fault like Marcos Gomez and his UFO which will roll over. but it is logical because to hope to be able to score in KOH you have to be able to go ahead. I explain to you. The race is 212 miles long. It includes a loop in the fast desert on the tracks, followed by two loops in the trails with large passages of rock crawliong like Backdoor, JackHammmer, Chocolate Thunder, etc. And it’s in the most difficult parts that traffic jams form where pilots can waste precious time. Indeed there is a time limit to finish classified. The start is given at 8 a.m. and the race ends at 10 p.m. This is why everyone is trying to rank at the top of the ranking.

One of the peculiarities of the KOh is that only 5 drivers won the race between 2008 and 2019, which means that the places are expensive. In addition, the level of control and performance of the Ultra4 are constantly evolving. Who will be the winner of this year 2020? Miller, Scherer for a third consecutive victory, one of the three members of the Campbell clan, bets are taken.

King of the Hammers winners

2007: JR Reynolds and Randy Slawson (first edition with only 13 competitors)
2008: Shannon Campbell
2009: Jason Scherer and Jason Berger
2010: Loren Healy and Rodney Woody
2011: Shannon Campbell
2012: Erik Miller and Robert Ruggiero
2013: Randy Slawson and Michael Slawson
2014: Loren Healy and Casey Trujillo
2015: Randy Slawson and Michael Slawson
2016: Erik Miller
2017: Shannon Campbell
2018: Jason Scherer
2019: Jason Scherer

A new King is sacred, Josh Blyler finishes first

To win a King Of the Hammers, you have to bring together a lot of positive circumstances. The car must have no mechanical problems, the constellations must be aligned in the sky according to a good configuration, make some sacrifices whose unspeakable rituals I will keep silent, dance around the fire while uttering strange incantations, carry with you its best luck, and maybe also to be lucky ah and I was going to forget, it takes a talented piloting.

Many drivers have followed one another at the head of the race, but little by little and breakdowns after breakages, natural selection is doing its job. In first place, Scherrer breaks his transmission, Bailey Campbell first in the second round has water pump concerns, his father gives him the piece which will still allow him to finish in 22nd place. Cameron Steel is experiencing steering rack issues. in short it is the pilots’ waltz for the first place. In the end, things take shape and a man appears really well placed to win.

This year, Josh Blyler was blessed by the V8 gods. And the icing on the cake, it is with an Ultra4 with rigid bridges that it rises in first place. Its Ultra4 is based on a Miller chassis. The latter, already twice a winner, will finish third just behind Marcos Gomez and his IFS. the IFS / rigid bridge war is therefore relaunched after three years of IFS supremacy.

Josh Blyler
Marcos Gomez
Marcos Gomez
Erik Miller

For the other participants, hell continues with its share of abandonments. At the end of the day, 44 crews will cross the finish line out of a total of 104 entrants and several no starters. Exhausted, broken, tired but proud and happy to pass the checkered flag.
King Of The Hammers Ranking


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